Building self confidence, self belief and presence with leading edge people and teams in today's business world. Soundly rooted in psychology. Using the language of the arts for inspiration. I work with you.

Sue Congram

Discovering the Unlived Life through BodyDreamingTM amd Mask Making  Northern Greece

Using BodyDreamingTM, active imagination, movement, voice work, mask and art to explore the as yet ‘unlived life’ — becoming more of the person that you were born to be. See the 2017 BROCHURE - FULLY BOOKED

Professional Development - a Fresh Approach to Leadership with QUALITIES OF PRACTICE

You gain knowledge of cutting edge leadership thinking and practice that can be woven into your current professional practice. What you learn is based on Sue'research and is used in the Engendering Balance programmes. See the WEB SITE

The Leaderful Women Project

Strengthening the leadership of women. The Leaderful Women Project provides colourful, edgy, sharp, witty, leading edge, practical, in-depth learning. See the WEB SITE

Engendering Balance Ltd

With my colleagues Rosie Mayes and Mary Musselbrook, we are growing and developing processes that enrichen and awaken new perceptions on leadership.

This is exciting and leading edge work. Take a look at the WEB SITE