Using BodyDreamingTM, active These events are for those who wish to deepen their self understanding and wish to experiment with the art of mask-making to achieve this.

Unlike traditional learning where a 'machine' or system or model is built to achieve a pre-determined result, this is a process of exploration to discover what is already there - but not quite known to you. This is very personal - you already have the answers to the most important issues in your life, and your job, it's just a question of finding them.

The mask is cast in plaster on your face.

This initial work starts the whole process of bringing inner values, standards and dispositions into awareness. Most workshops are held at the peaceful Dolgarren in Herefordshire where the wild garden provides much towards how the mask evolves. The work is a very deep form of reflection. A combination of imaginative activities and Jungian ‘active imagination’ enrich this self exploration, which includes narrative and voice work. Workshops are planned when a work group or several individuals express interest in pursuing this exploration.

If you would like to set up or join an Event, contact Sue. or telephone her on 01981 58 00 40