For those dealing with people issues in their work or in their life

One of the best ways to increase your effectiveness and stay on top of work or personal issues, is through supervision.

Supervision offers a time and space to reflect on your practice, either in a group with peers, or one-to-one. The purpose of that reflection is to:

  • make sense of some of the difficulties that emerge for you in your practice, such as tricky collusive interactions, power issues, transference and projections;

  • address both strategic and behavioural components of your work;

  • receive practical and emotional support;

  • for your own ongoing learning and professional development.

Supervision enables you to develop and improve as well as a place to explore puzzling events in your work. It also enables you to be validated and supported as a person and as a professional practitioner.

How I work

I focus on both practice issues and practitioner growth and development. What enables this is working through real life examples. Apart from the concerns that you specifically bring:

  • I work with you to address psychological issues that emerge in the coaching work and between you and your client, and to expand your knowledge of psychology (many people are not trained in psychology and have had the bear minimum in their coaching training. I aim to work with you at a level that matches your knowledge in this area and interest in psychological perspectives);

  • maintenance of ethical work;

  • positioning coaching in context with a broad multi-layered perspective;

  • developing creative practice.


Utilising the full breadth of my own expertise I offer a Gestalt-centred perspective, I help you turn reactive moments into creative practice, I explore with you strategic thinking, I work with you to build confidence in yourself as an expert and authentic coach, and I make available my studies and experience of leadership as a resource for you.