Sue Congram
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I was born to a farming family in Devon. The third of five children, all of us carrying varying degrees of artistic talent, I developed a spirit for adventure, probably fostered by the great outdoors of country life and a curiosity for life. At fifteen I quietly rebelled against education and the grammar school that I attended, leaving school without any qualifications. Following a 2 year job in a bank as a junior clerk. at eighteen I left the country for some adventure in Canada.

By the time I reached 30 I was back into conventional living in Devon with a husband, 2 gorgeous children, Vicki & James, a diminished sense of self and an unlived life yearning to find its entrance into the world. I re-connected with a love of psychology that had quietly fascinated me in my teens, and returned to education as a mature student; gaining a Certificate in Counselling, Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Organisational Consultancy (Gestalt) and Chartered Status as a practitioner with the BPS. This was really pulling myself up by my bootlaces, the more I did the more determined I was to grow and develop – and the more my confidence flourished. I developed as an independent, initially in training and developing people skills, followed by consultancy and eventually executive development.

Today I continue to adventure, to value and live my artistic and creative capabilities, to make the most of my pioneering spirit in my work and life.

My partner, Simon, is a constant source of inspiration, and a loving companion.

My children, their partners and my grandchildren are at the heart of my life and the heart in my life. They carry on the adventurous spirit.