Vision is seeing through the eyes; perception is seeing through the imagination

I live in a very unusual house in the heart of Herefordshire. I enjoy developing ideas that have brought the life back into this gorgeous place – a place that had lost its spark when we found it. It is infoa house where I can let myself experiment with light, perspective, colour, texture, to test things out and to live close to nature.

Music is very important to me, especially the classical guitar, which I play, not as often as I would like, simply as a beginner. I think that there is a secret me that would love to play the electric guitar, rock & roll, blues……. I have a beautiful stringed musical bowl crafted by Tobias Kaye a master in his art – a craftsman who truly listened to my re-quest.

Travel in this country and abroad is never a holiday, always an adventure – to explore new vistas, to soak in the arts, to meet people and communities, to taste the delights of different worlds. I have explored some fascinating places, often leaving with a longing to return – and then always pulled towards the unknown, the new.

Wherever I go my camera goes with me. In my travels my creativity emerges through the lens. I love people-watching and nature-watching. As William Blake said; ‘To see the world in a grain of sand’…...

When I watch a film or documentary I like it to carry some deep aspect of real life, I want to be touched by humanity – by the struggles that people go through in life. Although film can never breathe an absolute truth, it always comes from imagination. I like to follow the psychology and deep layers of the unfolding story in a film.