On this page I unfold the full tapestry of my professional interests. The most colourful features are shaped by pioneering work in new thinking about corporate leadership. I am supported in this by a team of highly skilled colleagues and Associates.<hr>


I am a practical business psychologist . At the heart of my work is a deep interest in people; what they bring to a business and the full scope of what a business can offer in return; how people work together and learn from each other; the deeper collective patterns of business cultures that bring life and meaning to the workplace; and what to do when things go wrong.

the LeaderfulWomen Project

My PhD research demonstrated a real need for a more realistic understanding of how leadership operates in organisations. Particularly in the imbalance of masculine and feminine approaches to managing and leading.

The Leaderful Women Project aims to bring the new understanding from this research, to women and men in organisations, to help them establish a balance between the historically succesful masculine ways of operating and the considerable but trraditionally eclipsed feminine ways of relating, including and collaborating.

Engendering Balance Ltd

This organisation is taking ideas about women in management and women's leadership into organisations.

The EB team shows how to advantage women without disadvantaging men; helping create the conditions that are conducive to sustainable organisational success.

Supervision for consultants, people who coach, and individuals

I offer group and individual supervision for professional people. My approach focuses on developing the person that underlies the profession. Utilising the full breadth of my facility, I include the gestalt philosophy, the arts as metaphor, arts principles, and if requested by a group I will work with mask. There is something for everyone to engage in this process in a way that is inspiring.

International Gestalt Trainer for organisational work

I am an International consultant for training and development in Gestalt in organisations having founded Gestalt in Organisations in the UK in 1995 and taught GIO in Europe and Australia. I am a lead consultant for Gestalt in Organisations training at the Gestalt Foundation, Greece, Gestalt Institute of Bermuda and Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia.

Member of the Advisory Board of the Marion Woodman Foundation in the US

Through her unique approach, Marion Woodman has brought deep insight to many women. She has written about her work, lectured and given talks at conferences in many countries.

The Foundation is pioneering her work across the globe to men & women in all walks of life.

If we could allow the pace of our meetings
To slow down to the pace of our hearts,
We might find genuine understanding

Coming Home to Myself
Marion Woodman (1998)